Chanukka 5770 by Rabbi Lagoviyer

Chanukka 5770
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R' Bentzion Zilber, shlit"a gives a shiur at the Kollel

R' Bentzion Zilber, shlit"a, the head of Toldos Yeshurun (a large network of Russian-speaking kollelim and kiruv centers in Eretz Yisroel), who is currently in the US for the Brooklyn Yom Haiyun, visited the kollel and delivered a 45 minute long shiur on Parshas Toldos. Rabbi Zilber shared with the oilam his thoughts on the Parsha, along with a number of insights from his saintly father, R' Yitzchok Zilber, zt"l.

Sium on Maseches Chulin

The kollel was honored to host a sium on Maseches Chulin made by R' Reuven Gaz, the beginner level magid shiur.  The sium marked a completion of 4 years of hard work learning this difficult mesechta.